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Gabi Percario

Where are you originally from? How long did you live there?  Gabi Percario - Onyx Yoga Studio Featured Teacher
Jersey born and raised.  We lived in Mountainside until my sister Sophia was born.  With that 4th baby my parents decided that we had finally outgrown our spot.  My dad’s 1/8 kids and at that time everyone was following my grandparents to Warren.  We followed suit… I ended up never too far from home, now just right down the mountain in Somerville.

What activities do you enjoy besides yoga?
Spending time with very own velvet Elvis, my 8 month old lovable, giant puppy.  Also creating cooking/baking challenges for myself and then taking deep dives... Last month it was homemade pasta.  This month is the quest for the perfect pie crust. If chemistry was taught to me in terms of food I would have paid much more attention.  The science of it all really gets me going now. Elvis is my faithful sous! Elvis, a whisk and a good spotify playlist = heaven.

Who or what inspires you the most lately?

Coming to Onyx after years of practicing by myself was huge because it added the element of community.  My heart for yoga grew 100-fold. Still, home is where I do most of my own practicing; its my lab where I can get creative and experiment with new things.  It’s very sacred. The blending of that sacred solitude & quiet with community - which happens when I have a home practice with a friend - is the motherl oad of all awesomeness.  It’s this crazy alchemy where we have a loose, organic practice, just moving and offering up what’s inspiring us. (Shoutout to my lab partners Gemma & John <3) I’m grateful for the ability to share a medium of creativity and to take part in the process together. It is hands down the best quality time I know.  So much goodness in terms of inspiration and learning comes out of these sessions.

What is your favorite aspect of teaching/being a teacher?

The feeling of the room in shavasana and after class… Like this big weight is lifted.  Yoga always leaves us at least a little lighter/more connected/more grounded than we arrive.  Collectively, in a room full of people, this is palpable. It’s a daily reminder to me of the power of the practice and how essential it is.  I know how lucky I am to wake up feeling like that about my work in the world and it’s something that I don’t take for granted. I try to give back by doing my best and being as present as possible but I’ll always be indebted to the gift that it is to be able to hold space for peoples practices.


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Italy with my hubs.  I have tons of family there that never left the village.  (I always found it funny that that’s how we say it.) Anyway, I had a cool situation growing up where we would spend a month there in the summers.  Really pure, lasting, beautiful memories. Turns out my husband’s family is from Avellino as well. He’s never been and I know how much he would appreciate it, no traveling around , just the tiny mountaintop family experience.  I’d love to go back as an adult, with my love, and love it together.


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