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Yogi of the Month

Carly Novek

sept_carlyMy journey with yoga began by simply tagging along with my mom and her friends from time to time in a weekly private group session they did together. I quickly realized it was something I enjoyed and had a knack for. Eventually, I found Onyx and soon after was hooked!


I continued my practice at a studio in Madison, Wisconsin where I was introduced to warm/hot yoga. It gave me solace during a rocky freshman year of college. The studio was a place to escape certain pressures and personal matters I was trying to cope with. It was also where I was able to connect with teachers and others in Madison outside of my dorm, sorority, and classes.


I decided to transfer to Lehigh University where I found a studio nearby, but at the time I wasn’t able to connect to the teachers and offerings there in comparison to my experience with Onyx. I happily returned to Onyx the following summer to continue diving into poses I never thought I could accomplish, as well as continually connecting on a mental and spiritual level.


At one point, especially upon graduating, I decided to join a gym and put my practice on pause. I would attend classes provided there but I was always bothered by how different the physical practice felt and how I felt mentally disconnected. After returning to Onyx my soul felt pieced back together. As much as I always loved yoga physically and for the sake of fitness, I increasingly realized how much I appreciate what my practice has done for me mentally. It is my therapy. I continuously love challenging myself with new poses. I also have learned lifelong and valuable lessons, some of which I tell myself on a daily basis. Overall, I am forever grateful for yoga and Onyx for the sake of my mind, body, and soul.


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