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Yogi of the Month

Jeff Lehrer

Jeff Lehrer Yogi of the Month at OnyxWe all come to the mat for different reasons.  Jeff’s entry into the practice of yoga came from a place of deep commitment for change. More than 12 years ago, Jeff came to the practice after years of struggle with constant and consistent lower back pain. Yoga has indeed changed everything for him; from what he puts into his body to sustain him, to his business and personal relationships.  He now looks at life as having limitless possibilities, rather than physical, spiritual or mental limitations; and he is moving in a direction of balance, not discontent.

Jeff’s yoga practice has become kinder to both himself and to his students. He has learned the valuable lessons of his teachers that he can still be happy even if he cannot master certain postures.

Jeff’s desire is being inspired through the life lessons he has learned on the mat and in his daily life. His favorite moments are on the mat where he can completely “let go” and go deep within himself to understand who he really is. Jeff is most happy when he is helping others learn and understand the beauty and wisdom of yoga and all that comes with being a yogi. His desire is that when you join him for a class, you can become the best you can be, both on and off the mat.

Jeff obtained his 200 hour teaching certification in 2013 from The Yoga and Healing Center under the direction of Wendy Gross-Pinto. Jeff then received his 100 hour advanced yoga teacher training certification in 2015 from Shannon Elliott, the owner and director of Onyx Yoga Studio. He has taught a variety of yoga styles and levels, including beginner’s classes to Level 2/3 vinyasa flows. His passion, however, is an Ashtanga-inspired  class, having been trained in this style from teachers such as Ross Marshall, David Swenson and Beryl Bender.


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