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Yogi of the Month

Alex Casner

Alex Casner, Onyx Yogi of the MonthI began my journey with yoga about a year and a half ago and was immediately hooked! I was still a full-time student at Kean University so I was able to take sometimes 3 classes a day. Just for fun I asked the girls at the front desk how many classes I had taken in my first year and it was 375! Borderline excessive I do realize but it's in my nature to generally over-do just about everything.

Yoga and the Onyx community have completely changed my life. I wanted to find a more relaxing way to release my pent-up energy and anxiety. From a very young age I was always involved in sports. Swimming was my way of life for many years, and my winged shoulder blades are proof of that! I always remember having the worst performance anxiety as a kid. I'd be a rockstar during practice and then as soon as it would be time for the meets, I would freeze, panic, and almost always feel like a sinking stone once I dove into the pool. I liked to say it was because I never enjoyed competition much and wanted the other kids to have a chance to win.  Now with yoga, many moons later, I almost instantly began noticing changes taking place within my body and mind. I would enter a class with that same anxiety I always had as a child, but after a few rounds of calming breaths, I began to notice the anxiety slipping away. Imagine that. For years all I had to do was breathe!

I never intended for yoga to turn into a possible career opportunity but a number of teachers kept mentioning the teacher training program to me that is offered at Onyx. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the power from yoga not only comes from the individual practice, but from the ability to share it with others. I signed up for the training program led by the three beautiful women I now consider to be my mentors. Shannon Elliott, Jane Lindemann, and Gabriella Perotti put together a truly inspirational and life changing program that allowed me to find my voice, my passion, and my purpose.

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