Hot Yoga - Infrared

Hot Yoga Classes

Some like it hot. Our hot classes are 101 degrees using infrared heat in our state of the art hot yoga room. Several times per week we also offer warm classes. Our warm classes are 85 degrees.

When you step into an infrared heated hot yoga studio, you will immediately notice that the heaters emit a therapeutic heat. It directly permeates the body, alleviating aches, increasing circulation, and offers a whole range of health benefits. Infrared is also one of the most eco-friendly and economical heating systems available. We invite you to experience the many health benefits that infrared heat has to offer. – (Heating Green)

Why Try Hot Yoga?

1. Increased Flexibility: Infrared heat heats muscles allowing for greater range of motion and enabling students to engage in deeper poses.

2. Increased Circulation: Infrared heat stimulates blood flow opening the capillaries which lowers blood pressure.

3. Detoxification: Infrared heat makes you sweat to get rid of nasty toxins.

4. Weight Loss: Infrared heat engages the body’s natural cooling systems to help kick your metabolism into second gear.

Daily Yoga Classes

Hot Open Flow

Vinyasa Flow yoga taught in a heated environment, 101 degrees 20% humidity. Hot Vinyasa classes move through yoga postures and sequences at a rigorous pace. A prior yoga practice and knowledge of basic postures is assumed given the extreme conditions.

Warm Open Flow

A Vinyasa Yoga class performed at a Warm temperature (85 degrees) and taught at a regular Mixed Level pace.

Warm Yin

Warm Yin Yoga is a simple, quiet, in-drawn practice that uses steady, long-held postures that benefit your “yin,” connective tissues, such as the fascia, ligaments, tendons, joints, and bones. Poses are held 3 to 5 minutes each with all muscles relaxed and release. This class is 85 degrees using infrared heat.

Yin Yoga is a more meditative approach to yoga, that aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence. It can be practiced by everybody and will complement an already active life or help those who feel distracted by “mind chatter”.This practice calms the mind and nervous system, reduces stress and anxiety, increases circulation, improves flexibility and joint mobility, balances the internal organs and improves the flow of chi or prana through meridian stimulation.


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