Energy Healing Sessions

“A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.” ~Maryam Hasnaa

Energy Healing Sessions 

Shannon’s sessions are a combination of Sound and Crystal Healing allowing for  Energetic Release.  You can also schedule a session with just one of these or your personal choice of healing practices offered.

Shannon’s role is to hold the space, guide you through the experience, assist as needed, and allow you to tap into your own internal healing powers, potential, expression, creativity, and purpose. You are the driver, and Shannon is your co-pilot motivated by unconditional love.

You will be guided through your experience as a way to explore emotional blocks, nurture intuition, and tap into your creative potential. This practice helps make space for higher vibration living, getting in touch with your relationship to higher self, others, and Mother Earth.


Move through the activity of the mind, resulting in a feeling of expansion tapping you into the universe and its laws. The physical sensations often felt are that of a higher vibration. The energy moves in a way that allows you to let go of the monkey mind and assisted chatter and taps you into experiencing a fuller more expansive and connected way of living.

Sound Healing Medicine

Sound healing uses vibration to help heal and uplift us towards a healthier and vibrant state.  The power of sound can be a very potent medicine.  Shannon uses a variety of different sound healing instruments.  These may include crystal bowls, chimes, gong, rattles, voice, and a variety of drums.  Her instruments come from shamans and medicine people infusing them with great wisdom and every one is perfectly attuned. Each instrument holds a specific medicine and Shannon is continually training to deepen her relationships to these instruments infusing them with powerful healing magic.  Additionally, Shannon will often use weighted tuning forks. These allow for the vibration to be played directly on the body helping to re-balance the nervous system and aid in healing by getting into the deeper layers of the body and bones.


Crystal Healing

Crystals and stones are pure magic.  They are made to absorb, transmute, and release energy. They come from the deepest part of the earth and hold ancient wisdom, sacred geometry, and knowledge that is beyond our understanding- they are wise and mystical healers.

Many of the stones and crystals used in these sessions come from the halogen portion of the periodic chart.  They often have chlorine, fluorine, sulfur, and/or oxygen- these are the cleaners.  These stones have unpaired electrons so when placed on the body they pull heavy energy into the stone releasing them from you.

Other crystals are made to bring in the light of the Oneness. These are placed on the body specifically activating the true light from the upper realms and other dimensions flooding us with profound healing and releasing anything which does not serve the Oneness.

Additionally, Shannon places the stones on acupuncture meridians and creates a sacred geometrical grid via the crystals.  Once they are activated, the stones work together as a unified circuit as opposed to individually.  The power of this placement both returns the stones to the Oneness and the individual to the oneness, wholeness, and truth of who they are.

Many clients often have profound and lifelong changes after these sessions.  The stones and crystals are the master healers.  Shannons intention and love accompanied by sound help the stones do what they are here to do. This activation method allows clients to receive healing and many often have mystical experiences during their treatments.

Clients may come to heal from any or a combination of our injurious emotions like grief, anger, fear, and/or worry. Other clients come feeling well and the crystals flood them with light taking them into higher states of consciousness revealing deeper truths and purpose.  It doesn’t really matter what brings us to a stone medicine session, we always get the healing we need as the stones, sound, and Shannon’s love bring you closer to the Oneness- to contentment, joy, purpose, truth, and wholeness.

What happens during a private session?

  • First we will chat a bit, getting a feel for what brought you in, and there needs be no answer for the work to be productive. It allows us to connect, To answer any questions you may have, and for you to feel comfortable.
  • Next you will lie down and we will begin By grounding and getting the vibration moving. I will be your guide.
  • I will incorporate sound and a guided meditation to bring us both into presence aligning our higher selves.
  • You will actively participate in the breath for a period of time and my role will be to hold the space for whatever arises from within you.
  • This is then followed by some more sound medicine, reiki, crystals, and weighted tuning forks.
  • After that, you get to rest and recharge via a still savasana like recovery.

Couple Sessions

These sessions can be done as couples, siblings, parent/child, business partners, friends etc. The addition of the couples is that we work through possible blocks or uncomfortable situations within the relationship. This loving practice allows you both to be safely guided together opening the lines of communication, connection, and clarity. 


$125 for a 90 minute private session

$400 for 4 sessions

Booking: Click Here

Appointments are booked a minimum of 24 hours in advance, for times outside of availability e-mail Shannon at


Feel free to contact Shannon. She will guide you and answer any questions. Shannon can be reached at:


“I have had the privilege of having Shannon guide me through breathwork many times in a number of different settings – small-group, large-group, individual, and both in-person and virtual. No matter the medium or number of other people participating in the practice, Shannon is able to hold space for everyone and simultaneously guide us individually through our most authentic experience. The breath can be physically demanding and the practice can be intense. Shannon intuitively recognizes (even over Zoom!) when I need more grounding, when I need to break through resistance, when I need soothing, when I need anything really – and offers mantra, affirmations, suggestions for grounding the body, or just reminders that I am in control of the breath and I am safe. The breathwork is truly a healing experience, and Shannon holds the space so that a “healing experience” doesn’t need to be scary – it can be whatever that means for each individual participating, and each person can feel safe accessing that healing. For me, healing during breathwork has come in the form of noticing energy moving to and from and out of different parts of the body and noticing what resistance feels like, and on a much deeper level, feeling connected with my ancestors, experiencing their trauma as I experience and heal my own. Somehow, and even without knowing exactly what my experience is, Shannon knows the way to guide me through that exact experience. With Shannon as a guide, I am safe to find my soul. This is truly a practice that asks us to go as far inward as possible, and I have never felt more like a soul than a body.” – Amy Hopper


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