The Studio

Our Space

Our heart-centered space features various rooms for different purposes. The Traditional Room hosts most classes, while the Sun Room utilizes infrared technology. The Annex is dedicated to philosophy, chanting, asana labs, and continuing education. Lastly, the community spaces are infused with bhakti, fostering a sense of community and devotion.

Our Guides

Our guides share heart-centered wisdom for an easeful body, peaceful mind, and useful life.

Our Values


We engage in all of our senses to embody the glorious mood of love through sacred relationships. We welcome you, as you are.


We embrace in speaking yoga’s Truth. We patiently rest in the protection of our own hearts.


We willingly release the temporary to give way to meeting our hearts true eternal nature.


We follow in the footprints of bhakti yogis. These practices purify our hearts to become a receptacle of divine love.


We seek to remember the ultimate prayer upon awakening. “Oh divine. Please engage me in compassionate loving service today.”


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